Trail Tags

Scented felt freshners.

Highly scented tags that can be hung in your car, bedroom, office, or wherever the heck you feel like it. 

Tag measures 3" by 4".

Made from high quality, safe, and non-toxic felt.

All tags come on an elastic string to easily hang.

The scent will generally last 30-45 days.

***As with any scent, you will get used the smell before others do. In extreme heat the colors may transfer, use the provided string to hang in your car.***


  • Chuckwagon- cedar & leather
  • Cowboy Way- fresh cut wood & leather
  • Dimestore Cowgirl- cashmere, sandalwood, & citrus
  • Down Home Country- apples & fresh cinnamon
  • Gritty Gringa- tropical fruit & musk
  • Petty Betty- berries, sugar cane, pineapple, & champagne
  • Pretty Punchy- leather & vanilla
  • Rancher's Wife- smoked woods, citrus, & amber
  • Saddle Tramp- leather
  • Texas Breeze- sunshine, granny smith apples, peach, & melons
  • True Grit
  • Walk of Shame- teakwood, cedar, & amber
  • SCENT FREE- will come without a scent

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